Jack Meehan's life long passion for music began at the age of 8, when he first heard the unforgettable sounds of a drum and bugle corps parading through the Bronx.  

He joined his first drum corps, the Kingsmen, at age 10 and by the age of 14 was marching with the NY Skyliners and learning from professionals such as Hy Drytzer.  In 1962 he joined the Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps under the instruction of the great Truman Crawford.

These experiences and mentorships gave Jack the groundwork  to build on as he went from brass performer to teaching drum corps brass ensembles on his own, sharing his expertise, passion and knowledge. The first brass ensembles to experience Jack's passion were the hornlines of the Casper Troopers (1967 through 1973) and the Santa Clara Vanguard (1968 through 1970).  There he furthered his love for knowledge and expertise by working under two trailblazers in the history of drum corps, Jim Jones and Gail Royer.

Jack married a Casper Trooper, Edie Booth, in1969 and their first born son John, was born in 1970 followed by the birth of son Timothy in 1974.  In 1973, Jack graduated from the University of Wyoming with a teaching degree and soon began teaching music in Bergenfield, New Jersey where another mentor, Don Angelica resided.  Over the years Jack instructed many other notable horn lines, including The Muchachoes, Bridgemen, 27th Lancers, Crossmen, and Velvet Knights.

In 1978 the Meehan's moved their growing family (John 8 and Tim 3 and a half) to Concord California where Jack would spend the next eleven years teaching, tuning and perfecting the Blue Devil's hornline, including the creation of the infamous Space Music, that has since become an all-time favorite at drum corps show warm ups. 

Jack was inducted into the Drum Corps International (DCI) Hall of Fame in 1991.

Today Jack and Edie live in Martinez, California, with sons John and Tim, wives Jackie and Melanie, and six beautiful grandchildren living nearby. Jack's CMT business of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation keeps him busy as he works to heal musicians and people in all walks of life.  When he has time, Jack enjoys putting his thoughts, dreams, poems, and philosophies on life and self improvement on paper, many of which may be viewed on this site.

  To support Jack's craft, click on the "SPACE MUSIC" button in the MENU to purchase a copy today! ON SALE NOW!   


To support Jack's craft, click on the "SPACE MUSIC" button in the MENU to purchase a copy today! ON SALE NOW! 


Jack still has a passion for drum corps and enjoys experiencing each new show the Blue Devils produce.  Son John, the Blue Devil brass caption head of ten years always gives Jack something to look forward to each season.

For Jack's full story, his memoir entitled "Space Music" is available through Amazon.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy Jack’s world.